Take me there (3/3)

A series of augmented reality illustrations.

"Take me there" is a series of 3 illustrations exploring the power of storytelling through augmented reality. I want to show the blurred human idea of reality, using elements from architecture and nature to create a window to different, surreal and magical worlds. 
This idea has been going around in my head for a while, and when I finally started working on it, Covid hit the world and added another angle to my project: In times of lockdowns, it became some kind of escape for me, dreaming away in magical forests and surreal buildings. The humans in my illustrations are sometimes lost, confused, sometimes dreaming, dancing, or frozen in time.

Tools: Adobe Fresco, Photoshop, AfterEffects, Aero, Procreate.



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Selected Works

Town ZeroAR animation

SynthesisAR animation

Take Me There (1/3)AR animation

Take Me There (2/3)AR animation

meditationAR animation


calmAR animation


third eye tigerAR animation

unrealityAR illustration


lockdown yogaAR illustration

space catAR animation


urban jungleAR illustration

RiseAR illustration

lockdownAR illustration

strange planetAR animation

curious objectsIllustration

Philosophy (in short)Illustration


Space swimAR animation

Into the forest I goAR animation

┬ęSusi Vetter 2020